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I am not a teacer. I am a parent and my child came home from school very upset. In one of her classes her teacher was absent and they had a substitute who previously filled the position as a longterm substitute. The students in the class began to discuss how much they "hated" and did not like their teacher, they said the teacher is "gay" and "mean" and that they want the substitute to come back. My child actually likes this teacher alot and feels that other kids do not like him because he expects them to do their best and they just want to talk and have fun. First of all should a substitute have let this kind of conversation occur? Secondly should I just forget this and tell my child just to ignore what other kids think and say or should I speak to the principal in this building?
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Disturbed First of all, to clear a few things up. The conversation was between a substitute teacher and 6, 7, and 8th grade students. The substitute was an active participant in the conversation. Second of all the substitute is just that a substitute, it is not like I can schedule a conference with the substitute regarding this situation or I would. I do not...See More
Mar 2, 2010
Emily "It kinda appears like he tries to be one of the gang instead of the teacher." ----We absolutely do not need teachers like this in an age where discipline is down the tubes. This behavior on the part of this substitute is unacceptable and should not be tolerated.

BTW, a child in my school was suspended for 3 days for calling the teacher "...See More
Mar 2, 2010
Joe Clark On 3/02/10, Disturbed wrote: > It is okay to say > someone is "gay" or whatever the name might be. A child in our county > was suspended 10 days a few months ago for calling another child "Gay" > but we allow a child to call a teacher that name, when talking to > another teacher, and get away with it - I don't know.

Keep in ...See More
Mar 2, 2010
Disturbed The fact that the child called the teacher "Gay" is not what disturbed me, because in the schools and with children that word is thrown around like "Dork" was when I was a child. What really bothered me was the lack of respect for a teacher that these students have and the fact that the substitute teacher did not immediately stop the conversation. ...See More
Mar 3, 2010
Emily Agree. You should be teaching because you understand why we all need to do everything in our power to ensure that children are on task when in our classrooms. If we are truly teaching "bell to bell," conversations such as this could not arise.

On 3/03/10, Disturbed wrote: > The fact that the child called the teacher > "Gay" is not wh...See More
Mar 3, 2010

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