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Governor Manchin, you claim that the bills racing through the Senate came from the State Board of Education. Yesterday you made it very clear that the contents of these bills were not your doing. Clearly, your intent yesterday was to separate yourself from these bills. Why?

Then, today Priscilla Hayden, the president of the State Board of Education, sent a letter to legislators informing them that her board supports "Governor Manchin's bills." Whoops!

OK....the gig is up. Now is the time for you, Governor Manchin, and your puppets (the state board) to get your stories straight. You cannot continue this ruse one more day. It is imperative that you hire a choreographer to clearly delineate the roles in this charade. You are confusing your audience.

Governor...Ms. Hayden, you've GOT to come together and work as a TEAM! After all, you have reputations to protect. The whole state is waiting for your encore, and hope to see a better showing. PLEASE, straighten thos...See More

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