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I am applying right now for Assistant Principal jobs. Is there any hints that you might be able to give me when applying?
DodeaHopeful Be willing to go worldwide
Nov 6, 2017
haha Tough to say since I've never seen the application. I do know that in the past that process involved different elements that were rated and those ratings had a lot to do with whether you moved on to the next stage. I want to say that there were essays involved but I could be mis-remembering what someone had told me about their experience. When in d...See More
Nov 7, 2017
Coachwalker Yes, there is an essay for each question. 4 questions. It is a lot to write and finish. Is there a hint on the Cover letter or Resume?
Nov 7, 2017
haha Again, as teachers we generally don't really do resumes and cover letters for DoDEA. But, given the nature of DoDEA you probably want to make sure you have elements in there that address why you want to teach with DoDEA (e.g. related military service, military brat, serve the mission etc) to show that you would be suited to dealing with military fa...See More
Nov 8, 2017

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