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Has anyone interviewed for an ISS position? If so, what are some of the interview questions asked?
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LolaTeach Thank you **psych** this is very helpful.
Jul 20
LolaTeach Thank you **psych** this is very helpful.
Jul 20
bleu thanks @**psych** Can you also shed some light on the experience accepted for an ISS position? For example, if you had five years of DoDEA experience as a psych, would you begin at step 6 for Psych ISS? Or would you start at step 1?
Jul 21
Mary Yes, 5 years of school psychology experience would be accepted for the ISS payscale. At least this is what has happened overseas. If you look at the pay scale, you will see that for an overseas school psychology ISS, the daily rate is LOWER than the school psychology pay scale daily rate. However, working 222 days rather than 190 days does mean a h...See More
**psych** If you are on step 12 on schedule TP F, then you are placed on Step 12 on the ISS schedule. To carry out this example, the daily rate of pay goes from Psych $447/day (FE) to ISS $425/day (OE). Just to be clear, this is a putative promotion and your time is actually worth less! As Mary indicated, this dynamic is generally not in play for teachers be...See More

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