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After the interview, how long does it take before you hear from HR about a tentative offer?

Or how long before the principal call to ask for references?
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Mary Stacyslp, use your offer's tentative start date as the reason for requesting expedited passports. It might work. The thing that take the longest is the background check. So, if you need one, there is no way to really expedite that. Don't stop working until you have orders in hand.
Angela @mary any idea why background checks take so long? In my former HR life, they only took 10 days maximum.
Stacyslp @Mary , based on some of your past comments I'm guessing you may currently be located in Japan (which is where I'm tentatively headed). I have lots of questions still and you seem very knowledgeable. Would you be willing to email with me so we can speak more directly???
Mary @Angela, they are more thorough background checks than used by most employers. This is the federal government. I believe some positions had an even higher burden for a short window and during that time they took even longer. I think they are back to what is reasonable for people without access to confidential information.
Mary @Stacyslp. Yes, I am in Japan. A different location, but have visited where you are going. I will look in the other threads for your e-mail address. I remember you posted it.

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