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So....I contacted the State Department to inquire about updating my passport. I was told that the renewal may take months. My passport's expiration date is in July 2022. I'm panicking because I may get a tentative offer. Anybody else in a similar boat?
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hunter190 Thank you subman!!
Jul 4, 2020
hunter190 Subman, I didn't know about the "official passport". In the Japanese consulate website it says that in order to enter the country and stay for three years, you will need a passport that would cover the whole three years. That's why I was panicking.
Jul 5, 2020
haha Things are a little different for us. If hired, you would get s SOFA stamp when you arrive in country In lieu of a visa or resident permit (official on orders and tourist, when not traveling on orders. The three year rule doesn't seem to apply. To be safe, you should have at least 6 months on a passport (or at least that is what we were told when w...See More
Jul 5, 2020
HelpOthers Haha is correct. 1) DoDEA will expedite your official passport if needed. Order an official birth certificate, so you can send it with the passport application instead of your tourist passport. 2) if for some reason your official passport does not arrive, you can use your tourist passport with orders. A sofa stamp will go into whatever passport you...See More
Jul 6, 2020
hunter190 Thank you everybody!!!!
Jul 6, 2020

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