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Received my tentative offer for MS Music at Yokota! Thanks to those who responded to my questions a month ago.

The timeline:

Referral: June 30

Interview set-up: July 18

Interview: July 22

Tentative offer received: August 18

Still nervous about whether I will be offered LQA or not since I'm still in Rwanda. Filled out the first round of on-boarding documents through the portal so I'm just waiting for the email to receive my LQA determination forms.
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TGIF @locrian, Here is DoDEA's onboarding site: It may be helpful as you begin the process. Don't worry if you feel things are taking a while. That is normal. It will work out and you will be a wonderful addition to your school upon your arrival! Again, congratulations!
Aug 20
locrian Thanks for the link. I have been scouring the web for any page or FB group that gives me info. But I've read enough to know that I have to hurry up and wait!
Aug 20
TGIF @locrian, You're very welcome! The onboarding site should be extremely helpful, along with the website and Google for general searches. Here is the Yokota Air Base Facebook page:, and here is the link to the DoDEA Pacific East Facebook page: Yokota has ou...See More
Aug 20
fishoutofwater @locrian what was the date the HR official put on your "date of application" on the first page of your LQA questionnaire? Was it your referral date 30 June? TIA
7 hours
locrian @fishoutofwater she actually left it blank. I can say that for the question you answer about being in the USA when you applied -there is freedom for which date you pick. My HR rep said that the questionnaire is used by multiple agencies so the wording doesn't always make sense for our purposes. I was told I could use the date I first filled out the...See More
6 hours

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