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Is it common to receive a Not Selected email hours after the interview? On a separate occasion, I received a Not Selected email the day after the referral email and before the interview invitation.
HelpOthers It is not unusual to receive not selected e-mails. Sometimes that happens as soon as they pull another list, even if you are on the next list and are still being considered.

I would not put a lot of faith in the automated referrals, other than to encourage you to look into that area so you know whether or not you would be willing to accept...See More
Jun 18
IsItFriday? It's not unusual. But it's not right.

We can only assume that mistakes are made occasionally, but at times, this sort of half-assed HR work raises suspicions of favoritism, and nepotism. Especially when positions end up sliding to the spouses of Superintendents and Principals.

But the system has very little transparency, so we nev...See More
Jun 19

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