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If I'm currently DDESS and going to another stateside position. Am I eligible for admin leave for my pack out?
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IsItFriday? Yes.

But only on duty days, not during your summer. Are you going someplace? Don't wait for school to start. Just a suggestion.
Jul 23
ecd5 I'm currently in an ISS position right now so I think I will then :)
Jul 24
HelpOthers Yes, usually three days and during a pay period. The two principals need coordinate your end day with the location and start date at the other along with which school covers (pays for) the APL days..
ecd5 Would I receive APL days on both ends? So at my current location for pack out and at my new location when my HHG arrive?
Jul 24
HelpOthers I believe you receive a total of 3 APL days. However, discuss it with both administrators. Maybe they can work with you depending on circumstances.
Jul 29

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