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Does anyone have any insights into whether FERS retired annuitants are brought on by DODEA as rehired annuitants or whether we keep receiving our FERS retirement while working under contract with DODEA? I retired from DOJ, and asked two people at HR. Each one gave me a different answer. Thanks!
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scorpion6 I hope that you and fedweek are wrong. I make as much in retirement as I would make as a teacher with DODEA. It would be like working for free. Who would do that? The one HR person told me that DOD has an exemption from the normal rules because after 9/11 DOD needed to entice back a lot of people out of retirement. I'll let you know if I ever get b...See More
Dec 4, 2021
scorpion6 I just read the article in the fedweek link that you shared. I think that the following paragraph is what the one HR person was communicating: "There are some classes of positions in a few agencies that are exempt from the offset. If you are a retiree who is being considered for reemployment, be sure to ask if one of these exceptions applies to you...See More
Dec 4, 2021
scorpion6 Thanks for helping me determine the right search words to use. I found this at NDAA for FY 2004 provides that: all reemployed annuitants must meet certain criteria to be hired within DOD, all appointment types are covered by social security only, there is no retirement contribution el...See More
Dec 4, 2021
IsItFriday? I'm glad you made progress in the search for information.

The one thing that came out of this is that HR cannot be relied on. Every time you talk with HR, you will get a different answer.

You have a certain safety, because you have a big pension behind you. I suspect your foray into teaching is partly an adventure.

Enjoy...See More
Dec 7, 2021
scorpion6 IsItFriday, I am at a point in my life where I seek to feel value in what I do everyday. Careers as a Marine and then a criminal investigator with DOJ, raising a family, paying off the mortgage, and saving for retirement are all behind me. I can't think of a better way to feel like I am making a positive difference in the world than to help our mil...See More
Dec 8, 2021

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