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Hello Everyone - The past couple of weeks I've been getting to know a great group of 4th graders during my intervention time with them (I teach). Over the course of the past couple of weeks, I've offered more challenging reading material to students, and they have met the challenge.

As part of creating a positive atmosphere (and with a couple of other purposes in mind) I've promoted student choice of setting - having an outside day for our class time. My thinking is that after students have shown responsibility and good work ethic, and for some finishing work/assignments earlier than required, they, as a group, can utilize being outside occasionally. Of course, this is as weather permits being in Wisconsin. I want to nip the possibility of students using boredom or lack of interest as an excuse for unwanted class behavior. One student I have in mind brought his own reading materials, and showed positive intrinsic motivation by doing so.

So far, as tried, this has bee...See More
CrystalB link - how to create a love and logic classroom (since I referenced it above)
Sep 30, 2017
Heather S. I like the idea of monitoring student learning through fluency and comprehension assessments to keep them accountable. Having students self-monitor is a great skill for students to lean and practice also. As far as students "slacking off" or not staying on task when outside, maybe you could have book chats with them. This way you could keep student...See More
Oct 1, 2017
CrystalB Hi Heather - thank you for your idea. If my students are reading two different text, which is about how much differentiation I anticipate, I think that would be do-able. Have a book/text chat. I can really be doing some conferencing with them, and asking questions where they are at. I know at least one of the students is ready to really be thinking...See More
Oct 1, 2017

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