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My school district has made a big push to use positive reinforcement to try to promote appropriate behavior as a way to bring down negative behavior. I have noticed great success with this approach in my classroom. I notice students that have struggled to follow expectations make positive changes because they see the positive attention students are getting when they are behaving appropriately. Some of my colleagues feel that students should not be recognized for appropriate behavior because it is expected... I am wondering what other educators think about this topic?
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KathleenO Positive Reinforcement can work wonders that do not get any in any other situation. I noticed this when I was working in the Juvenile Detention Centers. Many of these students never heard that they were doing a good job or were appreciated for doing the right thing. Hence, some of the worst behavior. This is not to say, one should turn a blind eye ...See More
Sep 27, 2017
Anne R Ashley, you bring up a great topic. Kaylee and Kathleen, you both bring great perspectives and it is a difficult topic to either fully support or disagree with. I feel that at the younger ages, positive reinforcement should be encouraged. Students are learning expectations and they need to be given that positive feedback to know that they are doing...See More
Sep 27, 2017
mollyh Ashley, I have done a lot of work in the world of behavior modification, so I have seen why it is always important to praise the positive, regardless of the age- yes, even seniors enjoy a pat on the back. A little encouragement goes a long way- you never know how just a quick high 5 to a student could change their whole day. I feel like if the stud...See More
Sep 27, 2017
Heather S. Ashley, PBIS is the behavior system we use at my school. For the past few years we have been trying to focus on the positive behaviors as well. Teachers felt that so much of our energy was going towards negative behaviors and those students always doing their jobs were not being recognized. As a PBIS team we decided that we would start implementing...See More
Sep 27, 2017
CrystalB Hello Ashley, I am a believer in positive reinforcement. I have seen most students respond very well to this approach. Pointing out when someone is doing a good job can be a big boost for students. It must be done sincerely - kids can see right through someone who isn't being sincere. I think this comes pretty easily for most of us, because we woul...See More
Oct 2, 2017

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