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When it comes to classroom management, for first year teachers that can be a huge struggle. Over the years, I have learned that establishing expectations for your students right at the very beginning of the school year can have significant results on how your students behave in your classroom. Follow-through on any behavior issues is huge as well. What are some significant strategies that you have learned that help you maintain a well-managed classroom?
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Ashley C Anne, Setting clear expectations from the beginning and being consistent and firm with consequences is very important for classroom management. Another strategy I have found to work well in my classroom is building positive relationships with students. I feel that when a student can connect with their teacher on a personal level they feel valued an...See More
Sep 26, 2017
KathleenO Being consistent is huge. One needs to be consistent with both rules and procedures. If the teacher takes the time at the beginning if the school year to be consistent and firm, the rest of the year will be much smoother.
Sep 26, 2017
Ines K As an elementary physical education teacher I find routines to be the most important aspect of classroom management. "Routines are protocols designed to help the gymnasium run smoothly and effectively." (Graham, Holt/Hale, & Parker, 2012) Every school year I reflect upon the procedures I have in place. As an effective teacher I "invest the time...See More
Sep 27, 2017
Heather S. Setting clear expectations at the beginning of the school year and being consistent are so important to a successful year. Our school has four beliefs: be kind, be respectful, be responsible, and be safe. Each classroom has a matrix poster with these printed. Many teachers in my building, including myself, take the first few days of school to talk ...See More
Sep 28, 2017
CrystalB Hello Anne - I agree that setting expectations right away is key. Teaching/reminding the students what the expectations are is so important. Taking a few days, especially in elementary school it may take that long, to re-teach and remind students of the expected behavior, and using modeling to do so, is very helpful. I also think that if you notice...See More
Oct 1, 2017

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