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I'm currently studying SRL and I have found it to help shift my perspective on student learning. There are a plethora of posts on teacher forums asking for help with behaviour issues with "difficult" children, and yet very few make links to SRL and helping students regulate their behaviour. And yet, the research is quite clear; developing self-regulated learning skills in students can and will help increase self-efficacy and increase achievement, thereby decreasing behaviour issues (Zimmerman, 2002)). Stuart Shanker discusses the link between behaviour and self-regulated learning at length on the website and shares his method (The Shanker Method) for equipping students with the tools and knowledge of the processes that will help them move through stress and to self-regulation (Shanker, 2017). The perspective with self-regulated learning shifts from focusing on the student's undesirable behaviour to understanding the "why". By identifying the why behind the behaviour, and te...See More

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