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Personally, I feel that without appropriate classroom management, I would not have a classroom. For me, as an art teacher to elementary children, I approach classroom management with two main components.

First, I make sure students understand my expectations and that I am firm with them. My rules: 1. Respect me, the classroom, and each other. 2. Use materials responsibly. These are two concepts that are taught throughout our school, which means students are familiar with being respectful and responsible. If problems arise, I strive for immediate follow through. This can be anything from having a small discussion between the student and I or all the way up to a meeting with the principal. It all depends on the situation.

My second part of classroom management revolves around ensuring my students know they are cared for. They know I want them to succeed. I do not want them to have difficulties in class and they need to know that I am here for them. We build mutual res...See More
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Samantha M Kaylee, you sound like creating a positive and safe environment is extremely important to you. Creating a positive culture within the classroom is so much more important to me than having a "compliant' classroom. When I student taught my cooperating teacher told me to remember the 3 F's: Fun, Fair, and Firm. I run my classroom with those 3 things i...See More
Sep 28, 2017
Anne R I also feel that creating a positive class environment where you can put classroom management strategies into place is by first establishing a connection with your students. If you take the time to make that personal connection, your students will respect you and want to follow your rules. The last thing they ever want to do is disappoint you. So K...See More
Sep 29, 2017
Ines K Hi Kaylee, Like you, I have established simple rules for my physical education classroom, "stop, look and listen upon signal", "play fairly, follow the rules, be honest and help others", "always remember safety, wear your sneakers, move with control and watch out for others, and "handle equipment with care". I use a poster for reference when reinfo...See More
Sep 30, 2017
Alexandra Sletten Kaylee, we have very much the same philosophies about classroom management. I always tell my students that every art class is a fresh start. Letting them know that you care about them is so important! I try to follow school code of conduct rules as much as I can, and always ask the kids about if their poor choice was taking away from their learning...See More
Sep 30, 2017
Linda Suzanne Capek Tingley is a veteran teacher who says there are classroom management techniques, such as striking bargains with students, that may seem counterintuitive but actually work. Google her article: "5 Classroom Management Tips That Seem Counterintuitive." I agree with her--creative negotiation always worked well for me!
Jan 9, 2018

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