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I am a PK-3 methods student and am close to student teaching. I have observed a few classes for some of my courses that has had co-teachers in the classroom. I was in those classrooms for a few hours at a time and it seemed like it worked for the most part. But I also wondered if it was beneficial or kind of confusing for the students. I would think that a lot of work had to go into planning so that the teachers were on the same page when it came to the lesson as well as with classroom management. Thoughts? Input?
A ny co-teacher Co-teaching can work extremely well if both parties are willing to put forth the work. I am a co-teacher myself and have seen a number of wonderful co-teaching partnerships and a number of them which are not. When both parties are invested and interested in the relationship co-teaching is a huge advantage for the students in the room. Not just the ...See More
Aug 22, 2013

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