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I have been thinking of a career change and need a sounding board:

I am thinking of getting a master's degree in speech pathology. My current background is elementary teacher (gifted ed and English Language Development) but am a stay at home mom of two toddlers. I took a semester of Speech Pathology (SP) classes in college, but decided at the last minute to do teaching instead. After teaching for 5 years, I am regretting that decision. While I enjoyed teaching, I'd like to do SP. I find it fascinating, and both my husband and son have dealt with speech issues. I'd like to better understand their conditions and treatment options, as well as make a career out of it.

I also am a bit fed up with the pressures of public school tecahers. Now that I am a mom, I'd like more time with my kids. When I was teaching, I'd work all day, then come home and spend most of the evening grading papers and doing lesson plans, or calling parents. I have shadowed a speech pathologist in an ...See More
Darisj24 Hey there I was wondering if you decided to make this switch? I have been considering doing the same thing. Wondering how it worked?
Oct 10, 2016

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