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We will become a 6-8 grade middle school at our building next year with 3 full-time counselors. The teachers team teach (2 teams per grade). We've traditionally divided our caseloads by alphabet but the more I learn about looping where the counselor stays with a grade throughout their time at the school, the more I'm convinced it makes more sense. However, my colleagues do not agree. I'm looking for help coming up with advantages for looping over alphabet.
GingerZin Only thing I can think of is that you are responsible for one grade level at a time vs 3. I prefer alpha personally... I get to work with siblings/cousins of previous students. I know of one family I'll have the 5th (and final) sibling next year. My families know me. What do you see as the benefit of being with one grade level for all three years o...See More
Mar 23, 2018

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