Re: I feel like I'm losing them!
    Karen M.

    Hi everyone! I realize that it's been a month since Mary wrote her
    response, but I wanted to share a classroom management technique
    that I use. Everyone is familiar with the expression, "Familiarity
    breeds contempt.", right? It's no different with 5 year olds!
    They get over comfortable being around one or two classmates,
    almost to the exclusion of others. I emphasize that we are all
    here to LEARN, and that we can all learn from one another. Once a
    month, I move everyone's seats around. The only exception I will
    make is if there is a good solid working team, then I'll extend
    that to another month, but eventually, everyone gets to sit next to
    a new partner. It quiets the room down A LOT.

    When the line up procedure gets ragged, I make them practice it.
    When my class is in the hallway and gets complimented on their
    behavior, I make sure to point out to the children that "practice
    makes perfect!" and to say "thank you for the compliment!".

    I also add songs and rhymes to our line up and other routines. If
    you've used the same song since September or August, it's time to
    use a NEW one. They'll listen better!

    February is right around the corner. There's no better time to
    revisit classroom rules, manners, and friendship. T-net has a
    great lesson available on "A Wrinkled Heart". I did it with my
    class today!

    I've been teaching for 35 years, and every year this happens. It
    isn't you. The kids are getting older, gaining in social skills,
    and stretching the limits. We need to refocus them!

    On 12/17/14, Mary - OP wrote:
    > Thanks everyone... I appreciate all of the great suggestions. I
    > will def keep them in mind, including reflecting on my
    > consistency. It helps to know that I'm not alone, lol!
    > Thank you again & Happy Holidays! 2 days to go for me.