Re: Getting attention from kids

    On 1/10/16, Joyce wrote:
    > I am a kindergarten teacher (children from 3 to 5) who's
    > been facing troubles to get them attention. I feel they
    > don't give me any respect, since they start chatting as
    > soon as I come to the class. Some of them turn back and
    > just don't care about the class. I am very disappointed!
    > When I taught adults and teens a few years ago it was
    > totally different! They loved my classes! Now, with the
    > youngers I am considering to give up! Could anyone
    > advise me with some tips to make the children pay
    > attention and enjoy the classes

    I always had great success with singing songs or chanting.
    I have a very pleasant singing voice and it has always
    appealed to young children. I made up songs for just about
    every situation possible to gain attention from the
    children. I suspect that since you are used to teaching
    much older students that you might have a tendency to talk
    too much. Is that possible? Children become 'deaf" to those
    adults who tend to talk a lot with plenty of requests or
    "instruction". This age group is very hands on and want to
    be doing -- not always listening. Keep large group
    instruction to a minimum and use music as much as possible.
    As you start gaining their respect and attention you can
    gradually add on to the minutes of actually instructing.

    One of my own children had a K teacher who used to teach
    third grade for several years, and she wanted to just teach
    half days so she could be home with her own children. There
    was a huge difference between how she related to the
    children then all of the other early childhood and K
    teachers I have worked with or my children and
    grandchildren have had. I am sure she eventually made the
    adjustments to be more successful with this age group, but
    that year, she had some of the same response from her
    students Kindergarten aged children are in a different
    developmental stage then older children and they do not
    start going into abstract learning until closer to age 6.

    There have been several experienced K posters here, so I am
    sure you will get some excellent advice. Don't give up -
    continue searching and asking to find those tips that can
    make you the best you can be with this age group.