Re: Should I worry yet?

    On 9/03/16, Amy K wrote:
    > I won't
    > take action, however, for at least a month. Why? Because I
    will be
    > told I need more data. I also don't like to call parents
    with negative
    > news about academics the first two weeks.

    We have been in school a full 2 weeks. I like the idea of
    waiting for a full month; our first SIT's aren't scheduled
    until the 15th of September anyway. That gives teachers a
    month to see what we have. If we want a spot on the first SIT
    meeting, I need to put in a form now, though.

    I realize, too, that it might just be lack of experience.
    Most of my students come to Kinder with some book experience.
    Many of them come from one of the preschools in our area, or
    from ESK - Early Start Kindergarten. This child had no
    preschool experience, but in asking him if somebody reads to
    him every day, he said "yes". I haven't said a word to the
    parent about this -- SIT meetings are sans-parents, and are
    to be done before referring child to an SST (where parent is