Re: Grammar cringes

    On 2/12/17, retired teacher wrote:
    > I may be retired but I cringe every time I see or hear...
    > Her and I are friends from college (If you went to
    college, you
    > should know better!)
    > Free "take" one
    > picture caption: John and I
    > "Free" puppies (believe me, they are very expensive!)
    > Bathroom's for customers only
    > Do things like this make you cringe too?

    Yes, those do annoy me. I am constantly asking the now 14
    year old dgd "What did you say?" the numerous times she
    begins her sentence "Me and _____" She corrects her speech,
    but that doesn't stop her from using the same form the next
    time, every time. It seems like most of her peers begin
    their sentence with "me" so it is extremely difficult to
    change a habit she hears repeated many more times at
    school. I especially cringe when I hear teachers using bad

    What really annoyed us just this week is the first grade
    teacher of the six year old dgd sent home a written class
    list of each child so the children could write each
    classmate's name on valentines. We noticed that the teacher
    did not spell our child's name correctly on the list. That
    means all of her cards she received tomorrow will have her
    name not spelled correctly. I know her name can have
    different spellings, but she is the only one in her class
    with this name and they have been in school for all these
    months. This is the same teacher who nitpicks every
    punctuation, capital letter, spelling on each worksheet she
    does. I was so irritated that I felt like sending the
    teacher a note to tell her she didn't spell the name
    correctly and put a big red F on the note like she does on
    the children's papers for mistakes.

    I don't think many schools stress correct grammar as much
    as we had done to us in our years of schooling. Throw in
    texting and other forms of "sloppy" grammar, it isn't any
    surprise that we hear so much of all these annoyances every