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Flipped By: Wendelin Van Draanen

Chp. 3: Bryce “Buddy, Beware!”

1)What major change happened in Bryce’s life when he was in seventh grade?

2)What behavior of his grandfather’s did Bryce find peculiar?

3)Why did Juli make the front page of the local newspaper?

4)List at least 3 adjectives that Bryce used to describe the sycamore tree.

5)How did Juli respond to that?

6)What personal impact did Juli’s yard have on Bryce?

7)Bryce provides information about Juli’s dad. Fill in the table to describe him. Physical

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8)Define the word aesthetic.

9)Write the exact quote that Bryce used to describe what Juli thought of the sycamore tree. (pg.22) “…

10)WHAT did Bryce’s mother forbid him to do? WHAT was she afraid would happen?

11)WHEN and WHY did Bryce feel like a weenie?

12)Write the simile Bryce used to describe his attempt at ...See More

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