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Seems as if the Russians actually did hack the DNC.

T.E.C. - Iowa I find it amazing that you believe this story when it is so filled with things that throw up "red flags!" Start with about "Johnston's firm, CrowdStrike", "The party had hired CrowdStrike essentially in place of the FBI."

Gee, it never crossed your mind that the DNC hired these people so that they would find exactly what the DNC wanted the...See More
Nov 9, 2017
Bob R/CA Yes, the intelligence community has never wavered from this conclusion.
Nov 9, 2017
T.E.C. - Iowa Oh yes, and the US intelligence community never wavered in their insistence that:

1. There were WMDs in Iraq! That was a lie!

2. That there was no torture program. That was a lie!

3. That there was no extraordinary rendition. That was a lie.

4. That there were no black-site prisons. That was a lie.

5. Th...See More
Nov 9, 2017

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