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...if not Trump? Obama? The Illuminati?
Long Time Lurker Ellen? Could be anyone.
T.E.C. - Iowa Well, research your own question, and tell us what you find. Remember, a question is not an argument! Nor does giving a nonsensical answer to a question mean there is no real and important answer.
Long Time Lurker Perhaps a nonsensical answer is what is needed to add a little levity in the nonsensical environment that is politics today. My government and those closest to the president are creating a nonsensical environment. There is nothing deep about that.

I really haven't concerned myself with deep state theories. I don't think these theories are...See More
T.E.C. - Iowa I cannot disagree with the comment "The US runs on apathy." However, I would add "The US runs on fear!" The government played the "fear card" after 9/11, and Americans, the cowards that they are, fell for it - hook, line, and sinker.

Yet, regarding the deep state, some of it is controlled by philosophy. Those in government only allow other...See More

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