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I have an interview coming up for a lead teaching position at a HeadStart in the Montgomery, Alabama area. I recently graduated from AUM with a bachelors in Education and will be dual certified in Early Childhood Education & Elementary Education. This will be the very first interview I have had since graduating from college. Is there anything I need to know in order to prepare for the interview? It will be in front of a committee. I have researched the mission statement, philosophy, and curriculum they use but I also heard that they mainly ask "what if" questions. Any help would greatly be appreciated and I hope I can truly get this job because I think what you all do is amazing as teachers at HeadStart. I want to truly make a difference.
Nicole Schaben Be sure that you are able to articulate your philosophy of early childhood education. If you are interviewing at Head Start, familiarize yourself with their mission statement and theory of instruction. Your should be able to verbalize your knowledge about these topics: play based learning, Piaget, constructive based learning, High Scope's approach ...See More
Jun 19, 2018

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