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Hi XD I'm new to preschool but have had a lot of experience with school-age kids. I've been working at my first preschool for about two months now and am a floater because of my hours of availability. The current teacher of the 2-3yr old (12 kids total if they all show) room has been out sick so I've been with them all week.

Even so, their teacher (T) is newer than I am and started working there after me. Before that, the class didn't even have a teacher and a different floater (the only other one than myself) had been in the class.

Okay, so, now my questions...

(T): Has called off sick a lot in the month that she's been working here. So, as a floater, I have to be the substitute. It's not a problem for me, but it's less stability for the kids.

Child A: Child A started at the preschool on Monday - so T hasn't met him yet. Since then, he has decided he wants to climb on the furniture and whenever myself or another teacher tells him to get down, he sa...See More

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