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I just got hired to teach at a private school. I'm currently working towards my teaching certificate and this is my first time teaching. At this school, you have 3 to earn your certificate while you teach. My aide will be last year's teacher!! She's been there for 10 years, teaching for 3. She didn't get certified for some reason or another and is stepping down as the aid. I've been warned by another aide that she has no intention of stepping down and will run this classroom like it's her own. What should I do? I just don't want her to make my first year teaching unbearable because the only one's that will suffer are the children.
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An art cert Certified Teach speaks the truth - few understand it and too few have the courage to say what she's said. Public school teaching is an industry and the certification process is a part of it. Of course, there are those who get something valid out of courses taken and that's ideal. But here in my state at least, every college and university is free t...See More
Aug 21, 2009
I am certified AND teach in a Catholic School I am bothered by a couple comments here. First, it sounds as though private schools do not hold the same standards for hiring qualified, certified teachers. This is not true in my situation. The diocese I work for requires ALL teachers to be certified to teach before they are hired. It isn't a "take a class now and in three months after your teachi...See More
Aug 11, 2012
MaryAnn I'm wondering what you have to know about the Catholic religion to teach in a Catholic school. I would love to teach in any private school but, aside from daily prayers, is there much teaching of religion? I am Catholic but don't feel qualified to teach religion - any religion - to kids. Do I have a shot of landing a job in a parochial school with ...See More
Aug 11, 2012
Zodea I think it depends on your grade level and where you teach.

I'm not Catholic and I teach in a Catholic School. I teach science, not religion.

If you taught in an elementary school, I think it would be more difficult. We say prayers in my class and I go to Mass with my homeroom students. It's really not a big deal. There are only a...See More
Aug 11, 2012
To Mary Ann I am Catholic, but not very well schooled in religion. I had to take a basic religious education course (paid for by the diocese I work in) and will have to get advanced religious education courses by a certain time frame. Up until this year, I did not have to teach religion classes. This year, I will. The basic religion classes are what "qualifies...See More
Aug 12, 2012

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