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I saw a post below asking about a substitute for wine in a recipe. I have a list of substitutions that I copied from a magazine a couple of years ago.

Alcohol Substitutes

Recipe calls for: Substitute with:

White wine: White grape juice; chicken or vegetable broth; ginger ale

Red wine: Grape juice; cranberry juice; chicken, beef, or vegetable broth; flavored vinegar; tomato juice

Brandy: White grape juice; apple juice; cherry, peach, or apricot syrup

Beer: Chicken, beef, or mushroom broth; white grape juice; ginger ale

Rum: Pineapple juice with almond extract or molasses; vanilla extract

Vodka: Water; apple cider or white grape juice mixed with lime juice

Sherry: Vanilla extract; orange or pineapple juice; coffee

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