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I am looking for other high school teachers who are actually using this program.

I have been using piecemeal curriculum for my remedial reading class which I and my students liked- Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Reading Skills, Comprehension Skills, etc. My students were comfortable with my set up and have been balking at the Language program even though it teaches the same skills.

This year the entire BOCES region adopted Language, but most schools are using it in middle school.

Here are my questions about the program:

How do you get high school kids to buy into the program, which they think is way too babyish?

How do you deal with constantly flipping from book to resource page to interactive text, etc.?

Thanks for input
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Michelle My district has been using Language! for about 7 years. I taught it for a year for 3rd- 5th grade sped and low functioning gen Ed, but I also witnessed it being taught at the high school level. The kids don't like that the first spelling word of the first week is "a" and the rest of the words are super simple, as well, but you'd be surprised at how...See More
Jan 9, 2011
Mindi I have been teaching Language! for the past 2 years. I teach students grades 4-6 and am soon receiving 3 High school students. If taught with Fidelity the results are amazing. Last year we had 40 students enrolled, we quickly graduated 7 students out as they achieved grade level status on a consistent basis. We then filled their seats with other ne...See More
Jan 23, 2011
Sam J Now that we have completed two units of Book E, my students are more engaged. I have modified the phonics part of the lesson. Then, I also add in other reading lessons the students enjoy around the lessons in the program... another fluency program, critical thinking skills, a stronger spelling component, etc. My students have also increased their l...See More
Feb 21, 2011
Nancy I use Language! at the junior high setting, and as far as being to "babyish", it does seem that way, but you want to make sure the students get a good basis before building on. Also, for those kids that do think the phonics parts are too babyish, I would pair that up with some multisyllable words with the "baby" word in it and tell them we need to ...See More
Oct 13, 2011
Lisa Yes - this was posted years ago - but JIC anyone is still
wondering - I taught this for 6 years at the secondary
level and I started with some brain-based research and
linguistic terminology to get the students to buy into it
not being too babyish. Then I explained that the first few
weeks were about learning the curriculum and we ma...See More
Jul 15, 2015

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