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I am sharing a template that was created last year so that parents could best understand their child's DIBELS scores. I searched endlessly for such a template or progress report that could be downloaded or a resource from other schools. The DIBELS website from Univ. of Oregon, DIBELS guidebooks or textbooks didn't have much of anything as well. In fact, the creators of DIBELS doesn't really recommend sharing the results with parents. This doesn't matter when schools actually make it a requirement and parents request score results.

The DIBELS template document that I've decided to share is not only a tool to document a students scores throughout the year, but also a progress report for parents as well. It is written in Microsoft Word format, so you can make your own changes to fit your school needs. The template shows the benchmark goal for each skill next to the place where the students actual score is placed. Teachers and Parents can easily understand if the student met thei...See More
Bryan I can not locate the template. Please Help.
Sep 18, 2015
Nicole S. I can send you it as an attachment if you e-mail me at [email removed]
Jun 1, 2016

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