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Attention Reading Teachers: Not many post messages here anymore it seems. The last time I was on this message board was in 2019, so it has been a while since anyone has posted anything. Instead of continuing old topics or questions, I would love old and new members give a brief introduction. This could be brief and include the following information:

Name: (chatboard or real name)

Location: (optional)

School/Grade Levels: (optional)

Teacher Job Title:

Years of experience:

Job description:

Reading Programs/Curriculum, methodology (favorite, school required):

Concerns, questions, resources needed:

Name: Nicole S.

Location: soon to be St. Louis, MO in 30 days

School/Grade Levels: Elementary school in St. Louis

Teacher Job title: Reading Specialist Grades 3-5

Years experience: 18 years teaching reading as an interventionist in public, charter, and private schools in Missouri...See More

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