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    Re: 12-1-1 classroom
    Betty Ann

    I'm not up on special ed law--and it will vary from state to
    state, so you're not likely to get a definitive answer here.

    In respect to the paraprofessional, I would say that yes,
    there should be a sub. However, just because there should be
    doesn't mean there WILL be. Sometimes sub jobs are posted and
    no one takes the job. In my building we've been having
    extreme difficulty getting subs. I had two SpEd students in
    my classroom last week because there was no sub--and the aide
    job has been posted all year. No qualified applicants so far.

    On 1/28/17, Teacherforlife wrote:
    > Hello Teachers,
    > I have a couple of questions regarding Special Education.
    > Is it legal for have 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade in a 12:1:1
    > class?
    > When a 12:1:1 Paraprofessional is absent, shouldn't there
    > a substitute in her place?
    > Looking forward to your response.
    > Thank you