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    Re: 12-1-1 classroom

    Probably. I taught an 8-1-1 in NY (although it went up to 9
    and even 10 when needed). As long as you are certified for
    multiple grades/SPED I'm sure it's legal (and even if you're
    not then they generally have ways of getting exemptions etc
    when it's in their best interests).

    Yes, you definitely should have a substitute since the whole
    premise of the class is based on having a teacher and
    teaching assistant. I would make yourself w nuisance anytime
    this is not done with whatever means you have (keeping in
    mind your status and comfort level with complaining).

    On 2/27/17, Teach2000 wrote:
    > On 1/28/17, Teacherforlife wrote:
    >> Hello Teachers,
    >> I have a couple of questions regarding Special Education.
    >> Is it legal for have 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade in a 12:1:1
    >> class?
    >> When a 12:1:1 Paraprofessional is absent, shouldn't there
    > be
    >> a substitute in her place?
    >> Looking forward to your response.
    >> Thank you
    > I am in a high school, self-contained class, and I have all
    4 gr
    > grades in here. I know the middle schools combine grades al
    > also. At least in my state, it would appear to be legal.
    > Ah, the para/sub dilemma. My school has a very hard time
    > getting subs, so even if one of my paras is lucky enough to
    > get one, the office will pull them and send them to another
    > class. Should there be a sub? Yes, I do believe there
    > be. Reality is something else, however. We can't very well
    > drag subs in off the streets! When the economy was bad, it
    > was a different story - people fought for any sub job. It's
    > not like that now, at least in this metro area.