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    I am still amazed in the number of people who do not belong to their union. Although Florida is a right to work state, our union keeps some of the bad legislation from being passed or fighting it after the fact. Look what they did with vouchers? Even in a bad economy, if the union wasn't working on behalf of teachers and education professionals it ...See More
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    anon What people have to understand is private sector employers, at least the larger ones, are much more careful about terminating employees than public schools. The reason for that is a lawsuit could bankrupt a business, or, if they have insurance, create a wrong public impression, which can hurt the bottom line.

    Public schools, because they ...See More
    Oct 8, 2011
    anon The sad truth is principals do this anyway, and districts back them up and rig the legal process in order to protect the principals who break the law.

    Tenure is simply the "right" to a rigged hearing, which is paid for by school districts. School districts want to get rid of "tenure" to save money on hearings; they couldn't care less abou...See More
    Oct 8, 2011
    We are constantly bombarded with a commercial telling us tenure is bad and new teachers are better than older ones. Unions did help with salaries, insurance, etc., but their power is very diminished.
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    Janine Spiess Unions have made a huge difference in our country. Unfortunately some bigger unions have given the public a negative idea of what a union does. When you discuss unions with friends, there are more negative stories than positive. My father was part of a union in the 60's and it made a huge difference in the working conditions. They do help us but I ...See More
    Jun 9, 2011
    B. Smith I agree... The unions have made significant changes in the workplace... But states are starting to take away their power and where will that leave us?

    On 6/09/11, Janine Spiess wrote: > Unions have made a huge difference in our country. > Unfortunately some bigger unions have given the public a > negative idea of what a union does...See More
    Jun 9, 2011
    What is happening now in New York is a fight to save public education from those who wish to take away what the little piece of pie that we educators have carved for ourselves over the last half a century. If the Mayor succeeds in laying off teachers when money is really available, the privateers will win. Most NYC teachers went into education as a...See More
    I think that many good point for and against teacher unions have been presented. My concern is that we as a nation always have exhibited knee jerk reactions to current events
    Marsha On 6/09/11, Ed Wyrwas wrote: > I think that many good point for and against teacher unions > have been presented. My concern is that we as a nation > always have exhibited knee jerk reactions to current events

    Ed, tell me some good points against teacher unions
    Jun 17, 2011
    In Georgia it is illegal for teachers to unionize. We have 2 teacher associations--PAGE (Professional Association of Georgia Educators) and GAE (Georgia Association of Educators). Of the 2 GAE is the strongest in the state and has been established longer.
    I worked in Wisconsin for the Milwaukee Public Schools for 13 years. For most of those years, the union negotiations were 3 to 6 years behind and thus were pay increases and any other benefit changes. Governor Tommy Thompson pass a law making it illegal for teachers to strike. The union was virtually powerless, though in place. They did eventually ...See More
    National Hall of Fame teacher inductee Alan Haskvitz looks at the reasons for negative feelings about teacher unions, and offers recommendations for improving their image and positive impact.

    The news is full of articles expressing hate for teacher unions. From inane comments posted on Yahoo Answers, to newsletters from conservative organi...See More
    The only thing they could be depended on was to raise rates every year.

    The one time I called to ask them for the help they should have provided, no one ever bothered to return my call.
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    paula We have monthly meetings, a calendar of meeting days for the year, and an agenda for our meetings.

    Generally the meetings last about 1 1/2 to 2 hours. We have topics, discuss our budget, and then have time to discuss site issues.

    Our district rep is paid, full time. Our president is a teacher and works a 75% contract so that she ...See More
    Jul 13, 2011
    Sally The three union reps at my large high school do NOT get paid. All of them are regular full time classroom teachers who volunteer and are elected by their fellow teachers to be reps. Usually, whoever runs gets automatically elected because it is a difficult and time consuming volunteer position. Bless them for taking the time and making the effort! ...See More
    Nov 8, 2012
    I am an older teacher. I have been on our campus since it opened 14 years ago. I have been teaching in my district for 22 years. I am at the top of my salary schedule. I started teaching late, so I am "older", no doubt about it.

    The younger, more energetic teachers are losing their positions due to budget cutbacks, losing 20-1, etc.
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    Reality Wow, you want the UNION to do a LOT while collecting no dues, eh? Tenure is one thing, UNION membership is another. IN a real union (one with collective bargaining rights!) members have a variety of benefits. Whether they are tenured or not. Of course the scope and effectiveness of this varies local to local. But those newbie teachers have a vote a...See More
    Aug 3, 2012
    anon "Competence" has nothing to do with it in terms of getting rid of teachers. In fact, administrative law is so full of holes principals can get rid of anybody they want. Districts can and do manipulate the legal process, and teachers have NO recourse whatsoever.

    "Tenure" is better than nothing, but let's not pretend teachers have any real ...See More
    Aug 6, 2012
    I belong to WEAC and NEA. In Wisconsin our benefits were cut substantially, vouchers are being given to private and charter schools in Milwaukee, Racine and possibly Green Bay. Our bargaining rights were taken away all in the name of balancing the budget. We have yet to see what the effect will be on the future of education in WI as well as what ou...See More

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