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Chernobyl: A Continuing Catastrophe **
Hillol Ray

Nuclear accident at Chernobyl represents a worst disaster,
Recorded on the modern history page-
While the effects continue since April 1986,
And refuse to fade in spite of the age!
The disaster still affects the million lives
From the deadly radioactive rays-
In three countries – Belarus, Ukraine,
And the Russian Federation- since the meltdown days!

The explosion blew open the Chernobyl reactor
Within the twinkling of an eye-
And released the radioactive isotopes
Before anyone could even take a deep sigh!
The humanitarian catastrophe is by no means over,
And concerns about cancer are still looming-
While the dispersion into the air, and depositions
Onto the surface are quietly booming!

The situation from spewed radiation is still alarming,
And deserves international assistance-
Through research into environmental problems,
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