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The “Incorruptible Scrutinizer”
(A Tribute to Sir V.S. Naipaul,
2001 Nobel Prize Winner in Literature)
Hillol Ray

Of Indian-descent and Trinidad-born, Novelist Naipaul
Has become a household name-
Through his winning of Nobel Prize
For Novels and Essays of ageless fame!

Hello Naipaul, please accept
My deepest love and respect-
’Cause your creations are awesome
And truly heartfelt!
With elegance and uncompromising calmness,
You have expressed your prophetic tones-
To critique the ideals from Islam
To Post-colonial life and dig up the bones!
Your writings are eloquently informed
By the themes of dislocation, separation, and exile-
While you collected the materials
Through global trotting, mile after mile!

By virtue of fate and your living styles,
Your words are set in various places of the Earth-
And depict many themes from folksy Trinidad,
The place of your bir...See More

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