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Food For Thought
Hillol Ray

Over the last decade, humanity has conquered
And made great progress in every facet-
From mapping the human genome to
Global communications that became a real asset!
Giant leaps have been taken via the Internet
And the gentle click of the silent mouse-
To make the world viewable now without travel
And from the comfort of our house!

Yet a human tragedy still afflicts the world
For denial of most basic human rights of all:
The right to food for millions of hands
And mouths that are now ringing the global call!
Food is vital to human life, and its scarcity is triggering
The daily hapless global fights-
’Cause hunger is a major constraint on
Human development followed by human rights!

Hunger kills lives and hopes of individuals,
While damaging peace and prosperity as well-
It may even take the toll on learning, art, and literature
Where our...See More

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