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am solomon .am a male a student . am from Ghana one of the
most peaceful country in Africa. well i reallly like
telling my friends abou the history and culture of my
there is going to be a great festival here in Ghana. by
the people of Krobo in the Eastern region of Ghana. in the
september of this year.
there is also more tourist activities within january
of next year.
i do not know if you will take this as a chance to come
here in Ghana to learn more about our culure and to see
Ghanaian peolpe displaying their rich culture.
am ready to be your tourist guide.
your write to me and telll me more about you and which of
the trip you will loke to go . either sptember ogf this
year or January of next year
well i will be looking forwad to hear from you
email [email removed]

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