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If You Love Thai Food and/or Teenagers, This AFS Opportunity May be for You and Your Family (Please, share this info.)

The Miss Tennky Area AFS Team needs a replacement family for Tinn from Thailand. He has been a student at Mt Juliet HS, but we have not been able to find another host in the area. Where we have found a family, the schools would not take another exchange student and where we have found schools we have not found a family. Tinn is a great all round guy who loves studying and has great English skills. He also likes children, science, math and plays piano. If you would like more information, please, contact Becky Heywood (Temp parent. they live in MNPS which will not take any more students until semester.) at [email removed].)

To learn more about us go to [link removed].

Have an AFS (awesome, fantastic and stupendous) weekend.

Dr. Barbara Y. Wills, NCC, LPC

Miss Tennky Area AFS PR Team Chair ...See More

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