Please complete this short survey on text book Bias

    I am a Master's student and need to complete this survey
    your responses are appreciated as soon as possible.
    please send responses to Survey Questions

    1. What are the title, publisher and publication date of
    the social studies textbook(s) you currently use?

    2. Does your social studies textbook contain generally
    accurate information--that is, have you found any incorrect
    dates or facts? Have you found outdated information?

    3. In general, do you think that information about
    different groups or cultures is evenly portrayed compared
    to the majority culture? Is it accurately portrayed?

    4. Are minority groups' contributions/involvement depicted
    in the recounting of battles (for example, African-
    Americans' contributions in the Civil War, Japanese-
    Americans' contributions in World War II)?

    5. Are various groups' contributions/involvement in
    pivotal historical events depicted in the textbook (for
    example, Caucasian-Americans' contributions in the Civil
    Rights movement, minority groups' contributions in the
    Depression era's New Deal)?

    6. Are any pivotal historical events depicted as involving
    primarily minority groups? What are those events?

    7. In your opinion, does the textbook contain any
    misrepresentations--that is, making an event or person seem
    more or less important than it was in actuality?

    8. In your opinion, could the text more accurately reflect
    historical events/people using different points of view
    (for example, the Soviet Union's view of the Space Race,
    the European view of World War II and the accompanying
    American involvement)?

    9. Would students benefit from a more multicultural
    vantage point (for example, including women's roles in
    history and Native Americans' feelings toward Europeans)?

    10. Is there any person or event that you would like to
    see included in the textbook that is not included? Is
    there anything that you would like to see omitted? What
    are those things?

    11. In an effort to develop new textbooks that address
    national standards, debate has sparked over what should be
    included in the new text. Do you see a problem in a
    textbook that would address national standards, yet fail to
    mention historical facts such as Paul Revere's ride or the
    inventions of the Wright Brothers and Thomas Edison?

    12. In your opinion, are publishers concerned with selling
    their textbooks to such an extent that they fail to cover
    important historical events?

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