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OK, maybe it's a rhetorical rant, but my husband went to a job fair on April 2. He dropped resumes with THE 4 districts hiring for his position. He got interviews with all 4!! Yeah, he said they went VERY well, but in the end, they said, we'll be in touch.

He followed up with the 2 that actually currently have openings. And they still aren't ready to schedule interviews yet. The other two said that he should look on their websites and when he sees the jobs posted, do what they tell him to do.

So, my question is: What was the purpose of the job fair? Some of these schools are going to be at 6 job fairs this spring! All for the same openings?! And I'm not sure what value the school gets out of it, or the candidates.

What did I expect? We expected that this would be a screening process and if they liked you, they would schedule you to meet with the powers that be inside the school. Maybe it is and my husband didn't make the cut? But that's not what they are sa...See More
l i have asked myself the same question!

i believe (i don't know, just speculating) as far as university sponsored job fairs, there is probably some sort of agreement....it looks good for a university to have a ton of school districts "actively recruiting" their graduates.

On 4/24/09, EV wrote: > OK, maybe it's a rhetorical rant...See More
Apr 24, 2009
. I was at that same job fair and some of the districts weren't even talking to candidates about positions, just giving information about the district. I also interviewed with 4 districts that day, and received the exact same response.

Half the districts, by the time you got to the front of the line, had no interviews left so you were told j...See More
Apr 27, 2009
Frustrated I think the process is the same all over. I am in the Atlanta, GA area. Three of our larger job fairs were canceled. I went to three other large job fairs and they had jobs posted on their web sites and still told us all that either they were just taking resumes or not hiring right now. One county openes three new elementary schools this August. Th...See More
Apr 29, 2009
Elizabeth OK, Now this makes even LESS sense. One of the district's he had an interview with, just sent him an email saying they hired from within??? So why waste our time? I believe, because of the union, maybe I'm wrong, you have to offer inside first, so why go to these job fairs post openings, and interview external candidates BEFORE you are done with in...See More
Apr 29, 2009

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