Re: Can Somebody Please Tell Me The Value of These Job Fairs

    i have asked myself the same question!

    i believe (i don't know, just speculating) as far as
    university sponsored job fairs, there is probably some sort
    of looks good for a university to have a ton
    of school districts "actively recruiting" their graduates.

    On 4/24/09, EV wrote:
    > OK, maybe it's a rhetorical rant, but my husband went to a
    > job fair on April 2. He dropped resumes with THE 4
    > districts hiring for his position. He got interviews with
    > all 4!! Yeah, he said they went VERY well, but in the end,
    > they said, we'll be in touch.
    > He followed up with the 2 that actually currently have
    > openings. And they still aren't ready to schedule
    > interviews yet. The other two said that he should look on
    > their websites and when he sees the jobs posted, do what
    > they tell him to do.
    > So, my question is: What was the purpose of the job fair?
    > Some of these schools are going to be at 6 job fairs this
    > spring! All for the same openings?! And I'm not sure what
    > value the school gets out of it, or the candidates.
    > What did I expect? We expected that this would be a
    > screening process and if they liked you, they would
    > schedule you to meet with the powers that be inside the
    > school. Maybe it is and my husband didn't make the cut?
    > But that's not what they are saying!
    > What other experiences are y'all having at the job fairs?
    > Elizabeth