Re: Can anyone help me?
    southern transplant

    I can tell you from my experience that it is relatively
    costly-at least is was for me- to get my OH credential. In
    additon to the 250.00 application fee and the 80.00O+ fee for
    BCI & FBI check, which I think you will have to do here
    anyway, I had to take the Praxis exam which was another
    90.00. I am now in my 2nd year of not being able to find a
    job. However,when I moved here it was a little late to be
    getting started on the paperwork. I hear it is better in the
    southern part of the state as far as teacher need goes but
    money to pay you is an issue. I recently interviewed for a
    job and feel that my experience and advanced degree counted
    against me because it would've cost the district too much
    money. The fact that you have your reading endorsement and
    special ed degree does open your prospects for finding a job
    better than mine.

    On 9/21/09, Newbie to Ohio wrote:
    > Hi Everyone,
    > I am moving to the Mason, Ohio area relatively soon. I have
    > information from the Ohio Department of Education and are
    > working diligently to get my paperwork completed. I was an
    > elementary teacher here in Arizona for nearly 10 years. I
    > am also getting ready to file for legal separation from my
    > husband. Is there anything I should do now so that the
    > transition will be easier? I am seriously thinking of doing
    > my fingerprint clearance once I am in Mason. Does that
    > sound okay or should I try to do it in Arizona prior to
    > leaving the state? What is the teaching situation like in
    > Mason? I currently have a Standard Elementary Education,
    > two degrees (B.S. Elementary/Special Education) and a
    > Master's degree. I also possess a Structured English
    > Immersion as well as a Reading Specialist Endorsement. Can
    > anyone guess as to if I will need to take any tests or pick
    > up any courses? Please forgive me for not researching this
    > enough online, I am also trying to help my parents get
    > things ready for the move.
    > Any assistance would certainly be most appreciated.
    > Thanks. :)