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Last year there seemed to be a push for the master teacher program. Many people (myself included) opted not to participate for a variety of reasons. Our district had a handful of people who completed the process, and their big prize was getting their picture in the newspaper. Since then, the program hasn't been mentioned. Not once. I can only assume that since my district can legally say that yes, they have some master teachers, they aren't worried about pushing for a greater number of pros. What is happening in other districts? Is your admin team still pushing it (and ours is just behind)? I'm just curious.
question, by OP I went to the ODE website. Apparently now districts aren't mandated to include their number of master teachers in their EMIS reports (which is probably why there was a push for it before, and now there isn't.) Being a master teacher will crop back up (I think in 2011)...something about applying for advanced licensure and being a leader teacher.
Feb 7, 2010

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