Re: If networking is so important.....

    As the pp said, your experience will cost a district more
    money, which may or may not work in your favor. From what I
    have seen in my district, admins want to hire new teachers
    (cheap--looks good for budget) with Masters degrees (highly
    qualified--looks good on yearly district report cards). With
    so many districts in central Ohio as well as in ALL of Ohio in
    desperate need of funding and consistently failing levies and
    bonds year after year, many districts are having to make pretty
    big budget cuts right now.

    All that being said, I think one of the best ways to network is
    to take a grad or post-grad class. In the year that I was
    desperately seeking a job, I took about 5 classes that summer.
    I met SO many teachers, and I was able to put my name out
    there. That was also the same year that I got 13 job
    interviews and had 2 job offers, and all of these offers and
    interviews come from districts with whom I had connections.

    I do not think that subbing does a lot for a person trying to
    network. I was always under that impression, too, but now,
    having been in a district for 2 years, I can't even tell you
    the names of any of our subs. A sub is a sub is a sub. Very
    few subs will get lucky enough to get a long-term position that
    might actually lead to them being noticed in a big school district.

    Good luck!

    On 2/14/10, PJ wrote:
    > Hello
    > Veteran teacher here who is looking for a big move to a new
    > school district. I have been in the same one for the past
    > 10 years and now I am looking to move to Central Ohio. I
    > know hardly anyone in education there so I am wondering how
    > on earth you would begin networking to get into these
    > schools. I know getting a job is tough and there are very
    > few in this area so those responses are not necessary. I
    > am sure that I have enough qualifications, awards, etc to
    > get the job; I just need a way to get my foot in the door
    > than being lost in a stack of resumes. Any advice would be
    > greatly appreciated. Thanks!