Re: Masters requirement

    If you get ANY reimbursement for tuition count yourself lucky. I
    have lived in two other states, one in the south and the other out
    west, and neither district reimbursed us for anything. One state,
    in the south, does have a HOPE scholarship for teachers. If you
    work in a critical need area you could have some of your master's
    paid for as long as you continue to work in the state for 5 years
    in the field after graduation. There are similar federal programs
    for special ed that are offered now but in addition to working in
    the field of critical need you also must work at a school that is
    deemed low income. I may be taking this route as I need to do
    something because I am only certified in P-3.

    On 6/24/10, pksped wrote:
    > My school pays 50% (per class) tuition reimbursement. There is a
    > district cap of maybe $25,000 per year,so if you aren't vying
    > for it first, you may not get any reimbursement. There is other
    > criteria, like you have to stay here the following year or
    > reimburse the district.
    > While this is better than some districts, I agree with your
    > concern about unemployed teachers. I also wonder what other
    > professionals do for continuing improvement: do they have to pay
    > 50% or more of their required courses, or is it a perk since
    > it's a requirement?