Re: Judy, how are things with MCS?
Sammy's response to Judy

    Unfair hiring practices, Judy. You obviously have the
    background and desire and certainly are reliable. Also, the
    principal's handling of your situation is clearly
    unprofessional and embarrassing.The job in Virginia did not work out as well as planned. What
    irritates me now is that jobs I applied for a while back,
    without the chance of interviewing, are still vacant and the
    systems are in dire need to fill them! With my background, I
    thought at least they would give me an interview. I am also
    certified in ESL in two states plus BA and MA! Oh, well..

    Good luck and keep the chin up.... Sammy

    On 8/23/06, Judy to Sammy wrote:
    > Hi Sammy
    > How are you? Have you started work yet? MCS started Aug.
    > 14th. I started subbing this week. 4 days this week so
    > far. I had an interview with MCS last week and one for a K
    > position this Tues. The principal was anxious to hire and
    > she needed someone by Thurs. I had the interview at 4:00
    > this Tues. She told me she would let me know Wed. but she
    > has not yet. I believe she hired someone else because she
    > would have called by now. Anyways, when she wanted me to
    > come in for an interview I told her I was day to day subbing
    > at a school but that I could interview with her at 4:00. I
    > wasn't going to miss any subbing. I did that last year and
    > didn't get the job. But of course I didn't say that but said
    > I could meet at 4:00p.p.m. I guess the neg. thing about
    > subbing for a school in MSC is if I get a rejection letter
    > and still have to sub at their school. Just doesn't feel the
    > same going there. Well at least I have my subbing and my
    > demo. weekend job. I will be going back to college soon.
    > The Community colleges here are good. I am sick of this.
    > It used to be a lot easier when HR would hire you and then
    > place you. Now you have to have interviews with prin. It's
    > alittle more difficult. So have you found anything yet?
    > I'll write later.
    > Judy
    > On 8/20/06, Sammy wrote:
    >> Judy:
    >> Hope all is well. Did you eventual get what you wanted?
    >> Is there still a teacher shortage there? I have heard
    >> nothing from them. Look forward to hearing from you.
    >> Sammy