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Hope all is well. Did you eventual get what you wanted?
Is there still a teacher shortage there? I have heard
nothing from them. Look forward to hearing from you.

Judy to Sammy /blockquote>

Hi Sammy
How are you? Have you started work yet? MCS started Aug.
14th. I started subbing this week. 4 days this week so
far. I had an interview with MCS last week and one for a K
position this Tues. The principal was anxious to hire and
she needed someone by Thurs. I had the interview at 4:00
this Tu...See More
Aug 23, 2006
Sammy's response to Judy /blockquote>

Unfair hiring practices, Judy. You obviously have the
background and desire and certainly are reliable. Also, the
principal's handling of your situation is clearly
unprofessional and embarrassing.

The job in Virginia did not work out as well as planned. What
irritates me now is that jobs I applied f...See More
Aug 27, 2006

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