Re: career change
broaden your horizons

    Look in other states...Especially with science...Science is critical
    need. Are you only concentrating on one or two districts?On 3/09/07, Sambone wrote:
    > On 3/09/07, Lisa wrote:
    >> On 11/17/06, Michelle wrote:
    >>> That doesn't sound encouraging.....people think a bank job is a
    >>> bed of roses but I've repo'd enough cars and foreclosed on
    >>> enough houses to last me a lifetime. Kind of hard to go home
    >>> with a warm and fuzzy feeling from that.
    >> I was a career changer and fell in love with teaching immediately.
    >> I only wish I had left corporate America years before! Teacher pay
    >> may not be great but I found the rewards priceless! I don't know
    >> anything about the online classes vs requirements but as someone
    >> who got in to teaching after 20+ years of banking and marketing -
    >> I say go for it!!!! Good luck!
    > I did it and it was the biggest mistake I ever made. Have been
    > unable to get a teaching job anywhere (middle grades science and
    > English). Wasted 2 years and $50,000 of my own money. Stay away
    > from education if you are smart.