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I have a master degree in education K-6th from Old
Dominion University. I am going to be relocating from VA
to TN. What are job prospects like in Tennessee. I am
coming from a state that has ranked number one in the
country for child success rates. We in Virginia are very
proud of our high quality education system. Does anyone
know where Tn ranks. I look forward to some input.
Thanks Amy
Amy /blockquote>

This is the first chatboard that I have ever been on where
the participants will not respond. I am sure someone has
some of the information I am requesting. Could someone
please assist me?
Thanks, Amy

On 1/13/07, Amy Sutton wrote:
> I have a master degree in education K-6th from Old
> D...See More
Jan 21, 2007
Mike Shoulders /blockquote>

TN is very wide, a 9 hour drive across. Some places are very "closed"
and some are desperate for teachers. Clarksville (just northwest of
Nashville) needs teachers......but only good ones. If you want to
consider middle Tennessee, consider CMCSS.


On 1/21/07, Amy wrote:
> Thi...See More
Jan 21, 2007
teacher in Memphis TN /blockquote>

Just letting you know if you are interested in teaching in
Memphis TN with Memphis City Schools, the student population is
100 percent African American. Only with exception of a few
Memphis City Schools. Seems like total segregation but
apparaently it is not. Segregation happened along time ago but
it's ...See More
Jan 28, 2007
maggie /blockquote>

i have a kid that have autism we are moving from virginia to
memphis . but i heard is very bad there how bad it is?? help
Feb 11, 2007
memphis city schools teacher /blockquote>

On 2/11/07, maggie wrote:
It's tough and seems to get more difficult each year in
Memphis City Schools. Have to sort of be seasoned with your
discipline. You can always sub. in Memphis City Schools or
Shelby County Schools here in memphis or work as a teacher at
private schools. There are other ...See More
Feb 11, 2007

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