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The Mississippi State University Rocket Team and NAR
Section #695 want to announce the first MSU Space Cowboys
Middle School Launch Challenge (MSLC). It will be held
April 12, 2008 at Mississippi State University. The
winning team will win $1,000 School teams and other groups
(girl scouts, boy scouts, etc) from any state are welcome
and encouraged to participate.

The MSU Space Cowboys Middle School Launch Challenge is a
contest for middle school students (6-8th grades) to
design, build, test, and fly a rocket with a scientific
payload to 800 ft. AGL. Emphasis will also be placed on
two written papers that will be due in the course of the
contest. This contest is designed to introduce middle
school students to not only rocketry, but to aspects of
mission planning and teamwork coming together to achieve a
successful mission. Flight reviews, budgeting, scheduling,
logistics, teamwork, and safety...See More

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